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One way to gain some competitive intelligence on your most important competitors is to subscribe to their newsletter. A newsletter is a marketing tool that has come to be a staple for many businesses in a lot of industries. In a newsletter, a company will share the latest information about their company with their customers and announce plans for upcoming offers. You may think that by the time information hits a company newsletter that it’s too late to act on it. Not true. It may be just the right time.

But you don’t just want to head over to the competition’s website and sign up for their newsletter under your company e-mail account. That will send up a red flag and you may never get the newsletter. Instead, sign up for a free e-mail account at Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. Choose a name that won’t arouse suspicion. Then use that address to subscribe to the newsletter.

You’ll have to be sure to login to your free e-mail account to read every issue of the competition’s newsletter. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. If you don’t have to time to do that then have a staff person do it or hire an assistant to handle that task for you. But it’s an easy way to spy on the competition and gain actionable intelligence for right now.

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