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Last week we talked about competitive intelligence in a corporate world. It’s an important part of any business whether online or offline.  Competitive intelligence is also important when it comes to marketing. In an online world that competitive intelligence extends to search engine placement as well as online marketing.

How does competitive intelligence relate to search engine placement? SEO or search engine optimization is the process of gaining the best possible place on the search results pages for any search involving your keywords.

The key part of competitive intelligence is the gathering of facts that relate to your competitors.  Some of the information gathered includes:

  • Keywords and keyphrases
  • Inbound links
  • Associated websites
  • Partnerships
  • Social marketing tactics

The gathering of facts is, however, only one part of competitive intelligence. The most important part is knowing how to filter that data, what to do with the filtered data and finally how to compare it against your own site(s).

Just because a competitor uses a set of keywords doesn’t mean you should as well. In fact, your competitive advantage may be the fact you do use a different set of keywords.

In that situation, your concern should be how to protect your advantage since competitive intelligence is a two way street – yes, they could well be researching you. Whilst worrying how to get ahead of the rest, don’t forget to stay in front of those behind you.

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