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When it comes to online publicity, not all publicity is good PR. That’s what this article at says, and I agree.

There are plenty of ways you can hurt your reputation by publishing at the wrong venue. Here are four specific ways you can do more harm than good by engaging in bad PR practices:

  1. Promoting news to people not likely to become your customers. Why waste your time chasing parked cars?
  2. You could drive traffic away from your website instead of to it.
  3. Publishing content on sites with a bad reputation due to unedited or unfocused content, cheap ads, spam, or warez can give you a bad reputation by association.
  4. Sending content to someone else might help them more than it helps you.

Sometimes, publishing content on your own website can benefit you more than publishing it elsewhere. While everyone desires good inbound links, bad inbound links can be harmful. It is best to maintain your reputation and guard it as much as possible.

If you have a content marketing strategy, try refining it to include a system for evaluating potential link partners and content partners. Don’t publish your content anywhere it could hurt you. Protect your online reputation at all costs.

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