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Spying on the competition in today’s fast-paced Internet business environment is a necessity. If that is something you place high priority on then you might be interested to know that Facebook could very well be your best spy tool.

Competitive intelligence just keeps getting better and better. And Facebook has recently introduced some interesting developer tools and social plug-ins that could make that a lot easier. However, they are quite controversial.

Privacy concerns are what’s on everyone’s lips, but businesses could find one benefit in Facebook’s Like button. The fact that you’ll be able to see users’ likes publicly, including events they plan to attend, may mean that you can spy on your competition and do it right out in the open. How’s that for a benefit?

Of course, privacy advocates are working hard to nip that in the bud and if they succeed then it will be a moot point. However, until they do, follow your competition on Facebook and see what you can learn about them.

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