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Competitive intelligence tools are a dime a dozen, but good ones are hard to come by. One tool I like is Quarkbase.

Quarkbase will give you a pretty good overview of any site on the web. Some of the information you can obtain using Quarkbase include:

  • Important tags
  • Key people behind the website and their Twitter profiles
  • How often it is bookmarked
  • Overview of Internet traffic
  • PageRank
  • Countries in which the site is popular
  • Social popularity
  • Where the site is hosted
  • A list of tools used on the site

You could get all of this information in other places, but there aren’t too many tools that would deliver all of this information all in one place. At any rate, Quarkbase is just one tool, but it’s a useful tool for spying on your competition. Try it out.

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