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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing, and now most popular, social media sites online. Have you looked to see if your competition is using it? If not, you should.

Nevermind using Pinterest for your own marketing. You can do that and, chances are, you’ve already considered it if not already doing it. But an even more powerful opportunity awaits you in spying on your competition. See what each of your competitors are up to by spying on their pinboards.

Hat tip to SteamFeed for this tip:

  • Start by signing up for Pinterest and filling out your profile. If you want, do it under an alias. This is a good strategy if you plan to use Pinterest to spy on your competition and nothing else, but it really isn’t necessary since all of your pinboards are secret. No one knows what your boards are called or what pins you keep in each board.
  • Set up a separate board for each of the competitors you want to follow. Your competitors will know when you follow them, so if you don’t want them to know you are following them, then an alias works great.
  • Keep up with your competition by noting each of their moves, news announcements, new product launches, etc. As an alternative to the last point, set up a separate board for each type of event you want to track (company news, promotions, new products, etc.) and track each of your competitors in those event boards.

How you set your Pinterest espionage account is up to you and your unique needs and depends on how many competitors you want to follow. Any way you look at it, Pinterest is a great opportunity for spying on your competition.

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