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E-mail marketing has long been one of the best ways to market your business. Businesses who use e-mail marketing often report higher conversion rates, however, Marketing Pilgrim has an article exposing 7 myths around e-mail marketing. We’d like to address three of those today.

  1. The best time to send e-mail is on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. This just sounds inaccurate. How can anyone determine the best time to send an e-mail for everyone else? Some e-mail marketer decided that was the best time to send e-mails because for a period of time he noticed that was when the majority of his own e-mails were being opened. The fact is, e-mail allows people to manage their own time better. Many people open e-mails days after they are sent and received. Many people revisit those e-mails at a later date and make purchases then. Conclusion: There is no best time to send an e-mail.
  2. Fewer e-mails increases conversion rates. Actually, the opposite is true. Four e-mails per month increases results in twice as many conversions as only one per month. If you send just one e-mail per month, people are less likely to remember who you are and less likely to open your e-mail.
  3. Short subject lines results in more opens. There is such a thing as too short. Fact: Subject lines with 70+ characters increases click-throughs.

Before you act on a myth, learn the truth about e-mail marketing. It’s an effective way to increase conversions, if you do it right.

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