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If you’re looking for ways to get people to sign up for your e-mail list without using online marketing methods, then here are three ways you can do it using off line marketing techniques.

  1. Sponsor a Contest – Give something away, but make signing up for your e-mail list a condition to enter the contest. You can promote it through your in-store promotions, on TV and radio, and virtually any other traditional marketing method you now employ.
  2. Attend Networking Events – This can include Meet Ups in your town. Get yourself in front of people. Face to face. Hand them your business card. Make sure your business card has your website address on it, and to make your offers more enticing, include a call to action on your business card. Say something like, “Get a free __________, go to (your website address here).” Or, write your message on the back of the card. The personal touch always works.
  3. Offer Shopping Tips – You can take e-mail addresses at the point of sale. Tell your customers you provide shopping tips through your newsletter, or other pertinent information they might be interested in. Try to tie it into your industry. For instance, if you sell sporting goods, offer a free e-mail newsletter that provides sports safety tips. Take sign ups at point of sale.

Building a mailing list can expand your marketing opportunities – online and off line. Get creative in building your list. You can do it.

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