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Content marketing is the new SEO. It’s always been the essence of SEO, but in the last couple of years more and more search marketers are referring to themselves as content marketers rather than search engine optimizers. There is nothing wrong with that.

But if you want your content marketing strategy to stand out, then you can’t be reactive. You’ve got to be proactive. So here are three tips to help you develop a more proactive content marketing strategy.

  1. Be More Semantic – You almost have to. Google is now only rarely providing keyword data in its analytics. Most of what you’ll read is “Keyword Not Provided.” Your best clues for what keywords and phrases people found your site by are your entry pages and the search ranking for the keyword they did use. That means you have to do a lot of guess work. At some point, you have to trust your gut. If you understand how people search for information, then you’ll better understand how to present information in the search engines. That requires a semantic approach.
  2. Build a content calendar – Since you’re being more semantic, plan further out. Use a content calendar to plan your posts ahead of time and write the best posts you can.
  3. Do more research – To write the best posts possible, you need to really understand your subject matter. It isn’t enough to know what people are searching for and how. You also have to know how to deliver that information so that they can find it. That requires research.

Your content marketing strategy deserves a more proactive approach, so give it what it wants.

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