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Search Engine Journal posted an article earlier today outlining 5 mistakes that content marketers make. I’d like to discuss three of those within the context of expanding your content marketing strategy.

  1. Guest blogging – If you haven’t picked up on the guest blogging trend yet, then allow me to encourage you. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your efforts to create unique content for your own website. What it does mean is you can use guest blogging to reach an audience you aren’t reaching through your own blog and drive traffic to your website from another channel.
  2. Newsjacking – I didn’t realize it had a name, but this is a powerful content strategy that allows you to piggyback off a popular news story and tie it in to your content needs. If you are able to reach your customers through this expanded content technique, then it will show your diversity in skills and knowledge.
  3. Use a multi-channel content strategy – This is related to guest blogging, but the key here is to write content for a variety of channels, even off line. You can write for trade journals, industry magazines, vendor newsletters, etc. If there is a medium that addresses the concerns of your target audience and you haven’t tapped into it yet, then you should.

Content marketing is getting more and more difficult all the time. Give yourself a leg up by expanding your efforts as far and wide as you can.

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