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Everyone knows about article directories. You write an article, then upload it to a handful of article directories that are used by countless other marketers and hope that you get page views, click-throughs, and traffic.

While article directories aren’t exactly a thing of the past, there may be better places to go for your article marketing efforts. Here are 3 places you can get your articles published fast and that will build great links and send awesome traffic to your website.

  1. Squidoo – Squidoo is a place where you can build Lenses. These lenses are a snapshot into one topic. You can use photos, videos, multimedia, and textual content to communicate your passion for a particular topic – and use that to link to your website a few times. Squidoo does have its guidelines, however, and you must strictly follow them. Otherwise, your lenses won’t be nearly as effective.
  2. HubPages – HubPages are not as extensive as Squidoo. In fact, its best used for publishing one article at a time. And you can’t be as blatant about self-promotion on HubPages as you can on Squidoo. In fact, it’s highly discouraged. But you can publish highly informative articles that get lots of traffic and add links to your website.
  3. Blogger – Blogger is Google’s blog platform. But you can use it for articles. Set up your blog in your company name, or use a keyword-based subdomain, and post your articles as blog posts. Don’t forget to link back to your website in your articles.

Remember, article marketing isn’t dead. We’re just doing it a little different now.

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