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Online marketing is really all about content. There’s onsite content, that content which makes up your website. Then there’s offsite content, which is content you may or may not own and does not appear on your website but benefits you in some way; it generally appears elsewhere on the Web and points back to your website.

Today we’ll focus on 4 ways to make good use of offsite content. It’s not necessarily about link building, though if you do it right you can build solid, high value inbound links to your website. Good offsite content can also drive massive traffic to your website, which is even more valuable than inbound links, particularly if it’s targeted traffic.

Here are 4 sources of offsite content, places where you can publish your content for inbound links and traffic:

  1. Review websites – I’m talking about places like Yelp and Amazon. You do not necessarily own review content. If it’s written by someone else, you won’t own it. But that content can benefit you nonetheless. If people write good reviews of your products, you’ll make sales. Those sales might be on your site or might not be, but they’ll be sales.
  2. Niche blogs – Go out and find niche blogs that target the same demographic you are targeting. Write a guest blog post for that blog with content that is targeted toward that audience.
  3. Social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. They all have one thing in common. Your content can attract new followers and fans, people who will eventually end up on your website.
  4. Directories – Directories have been dismissed by a huge portion of the SEO and Internet marketing niche, but there are still a few good directories out there. Not all of them have been banned by the search engines. Search for high value, high authority directories like DMOZ and add a listing for your business.

Offsite content is not always about search engine rankings, but if you get them it’s icing on the cake. Rather, you are trying to drive people back to your website where they will get your real high value content.

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