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As more and more blogs and websites enter the Internet and the search engines make room for them in their indexes, images become all the more important. Recent search engine indexing changes make images much more important for search engine optimization purposes.

Either you can join a premium stock photo website and pay for your images or you can try to find public domain images, or free use images, to enhance your blog or website.

Free sounds better, doesn’t it?

While “free” usually means low quality, with images, it doesn’t have to. You CAN get free high quality images for your blog and website. You just have to look around a little bit.

Here are 4 sources you can use to find free images for your Internet marketing use:

  1. Flickr – Flickr is a photo sharing website owned by Yahoo! Users upload their own photos and images and set their own policies for usage. The best way to search Flickr is to go into The Commons area and search for images with a Creative Commons license.
  2. unprofoundunprofound is a non-profit website where registration isn’t necessary. They have few limitations.
  3. ZemantaZemanta is a WordPress plugin that suggests images based on the content of your blog post as you enter it. There are some downsides to the service, but it is free and you have to be careful that you do choose photos that are free for public use.
  4. Creative Commons – Just like Flickr’s The Commons, Creative Commons is a website that offers images on a variety of terms. Read the terms carefully for each image and choose only those that are offered for free. One pitfall is selecting images that are not available for commercial use and using them for commercial use. Read the terms.

You are encouraged to use images on your website and blog. If you can get your images for free, that’s a great option.

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