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Every landing page is either a winner or a loser. If it’s a winner, it will convert prospects to customers. Here are five essential elements to include on your landing page if you want it to convert.

  1. USP – An acronym for Unique Selling Proposition. What sets you apart from the competition? Why should people buy from you? Establish early on. With a USP, you are not likely to convert sales.
  2. Name Capture Form – Whether you are closing the sale or collecting contact information for use later, you need to get your customer to give it up. Put a form on your landing page if you want it convert.
  3. Strong Call to Action – A call to action asks for the sale. Provide a strong call to action and visitors will buy, opt-in, and convert like crazy.
  4. Benefit-Focused Content – You have to sell the benefits of your product or service. You have a few seconds, and no more, to get your prospect’s attention. Use an eye-catching image and content that heavily focuses on benefits rather than features.
  5. Social Share Buttons – Encourage your visitors to share your landing page with their friends.

If you want your landing pages to be successful, include these 5 essential elements on every one. From the headline to the call to action, you’ve got to keep your prospects interested if you’re going to convert them.

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