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A listicle is a short form of blog content where you make a list of items and write a paragraph or two on each items so that the list looks more like an article. They’re very popular for online content and the reason they work are several-fold.

Here are the top 5 reasons to write listicles for your blog content:

Listicles are easy to read

Your blog readers can scan them and decide for themselves which parts of the article they want to stop and read.

They make great SEO

You can include your keywords in the list items, which serve as subheads for the article. This is an SEO-boosting tactic that still works as well as it did ten years ago.

A listicle is a tightly-focused area of knowledge

The best listicles serve up a short list of items on one particular topic, so the information is relevant to a particular niche audience.

Listicles are easy to write

Just write your list then go back and write the commentary for each list item.

Better than a bullet list

Instead of littering your blog with endless bullet lists, you can switch things around and write longer articles with subheads. Your listicles serve as lists without the bullets.

The next time you are tempted to write a blog post will bullet lists, write a listicle instead. They’re also easily share-able on social media.

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