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Online marketing allows you to make liberal use of images for your marketing efforts. In fact, it’s been proven that images can enhance your message dramatically and lead to greater lead generation results. Here are 5 ways you can use images to increase your online marketing efforts and make them more effective.

  1. Pinterest – You’ve likely heard of Pinterest by now. It’s the “visual” social media site. You pin images that your followers can like or re-pin. Using Pinterest makes your brand a very visual brand.
  2. Blog Image Optimization – When you write a blog post, include an image. Blog posts with images get read more often and are more shareable on social media.
  3. Facebook Page – Don’t just build a Facebook page. Make it visual. At the very least, add your website’s header to your Facebook page so your branding is consistent.
  4. Social Media Enhancement – Add images to your social media posts. Whether you are active on Facebook, Google+, or another social network, visual posts are more shareable, likeable, and readable.
  5. YouTube Marketing – Video marketing is one of the best visual online marketing tactics around. Just as images enhance your blog posts, videos add another dimension to your content marketing.

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill marketing plan. Make your online marketing more visual.

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