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How do you attract new readers to your blog? There are several ways you can attract new readers, whether you have a new blog or you’ve been writing to a blog for a long time. Try these 5 unusual traffic generating methods and see how they work:

  1. Convert your blog posts to PDF – You can convert any blog post to PDF easily and inexpensively with open source software like Open Office. Take a handful of your popular blog posts, convert them to PDF, and upload them to sites like Scribd and Issuu.
  2. Ask/answer questions on Quora – Question & Answer websites have become quite popular. If you answer questions related to your niche on these sites, you could send additional traffic to your blog. Also, ask questions and use reader responses as a way to springboard into a topic you write about on your blog. Don’t forget to share the link to the answer with your Quora audience.
  3. Sponsor a contest – Look for contests that reinforce your brand or product/service and offer to give something away to a winner of the contest.
  4. Teach a course – Find an online school in your niche and think of a course you can teach that isn’t already being taught. You’ll get a bio and a link to your website just for being the teacher.
  5. Court a journalist – Find a journalist you respect who writes about your niche and offer to be a source for them.

In most cases, you can increase your blog’s readership and gain a few inbound links at the same time.

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