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E-mail marketing has been around since the early days of the Internet. It was one of the first firmly established Internet marketing tactics and is still today one of the most effective ways to reach an audience and earn an income online. Here are 5 ways to make e-mail marketing work for you.

  1. Use your website to collect e-mail addresses. Give something away in exchange for your website visitors’ e-mail addresses, then mail them periodic offers for your products and services and affiliate products.
  2. Get your website visitors to subscribe to an ongoing newsletter or e-zine, which you mail weekly or monthly with unique content they cannot get anywhere else.
  3. Use your mailing list to promote your online website and blog content. When you post something new, send a note to your list and guide them to your new content.
  4. Provide an e-course for your site visitors. Use your website to sign up new members for a free or paid e-course.
  5. Send out coupons for your products and services to members of your e-mail list to encourage the purchase of more products and services.

These are not the only ways to use e-mail marketing effectively, but these 5 techniques are ways that successful online marketers have used e-mail marketing in the past. I’m sure you can come up with your own creative way to market to your list using e-mail.

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