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If you’ve dreamed of becoming an Internet publisher, allow me to proclaim how simple it is to become one. I’m not going to fill your head with “get rich quick” formulas, but the opportunity to become an Internet publisher with current technology is right at your fingertips. You don’t even need a lot of money to get started.

So what do you need?

All you really need is an idea, the motivation to succeed, a passion, and the right technology. Here are 5 distinct ways to run an online publishing company and make money with your efforts:

  1. Publish an ezine – An ezine is a digital magazine that you can publish by e-mail or promote through e-mail.
  2. Write a blog – You can write your blog yourself, curate what others write, or take submissions and publish the writings of others. Blogs are very popular, and if you can successfully publish a blog that attracts great traffic, you can charge advertisers for sponsoring your blog.
  3. E-books – Through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, and other e-book reading devices, you can be a successful digital publisher selling e-books on a variety of topics, fiction and nonfiction.
  4. Squidoo Lenses – Some writers and publishers are making a decent living or supplementing their income with Squidoo Lenses.
  5. Articles – Articles are the shortest form of online publishing and can be formatted in many ways. You can publish them on your blog, in your ezine, as e-books, in your Squidoo Lenses, or as guest posts on other people’s blogs.

Online publishing is a growing field. More and more writers and entrepreneurs are building their Web presence by starting their own publishing companies. You can too.

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