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Most people, when they think about doing business online, think of it in terms of online marketing. Of course, you are marketing your business online. There’s no doubt about that. But what you are really doing is building a Web business.

The big question is, what exactly does it take to build a Web business? What components are necessary?

Here are 5 necessary components to building a Web business in 2011.

  1. A website – It can be a simple website or a huge monolith. Either way, you need a website. Your first step in building a Web business is to design a powerful website.
  2. Search engine marketing – SEM is a multi-component endeavor that includes paid search marketing and organic search marketing. With organic search you could be building links, which we call off-site SEO, or you could be increasing your on-site content value through blogging, articles, or other on-page content.
  3. Social media – Promote your content through social media where you’ll build inbound links and your relationship.
  4. Video marketing – Video marketing has become a mainstay of building an online business too. If you do it right, it will pay huge dividends.
  5. App development – App development can refer to iphone and other mobile apps or social media apps like those you find on Facebook. Either way, app development is becoming a huge marketing channel online.

What ways do you use for building your Web business? Do weigh in.

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