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Article directories have been around for a long time. Traditionally, they look like any other directory. You show up, look at a list of categories, and publish your article in the appropriate category. Then e-zine editors come along and pick up your article for publication. However, in recent years, article marketing has moved off into a different direction.

Here are 5 non-traditional article directories to try:

  1. HubPages – Let’s start with HubPages. You write articles in “hubs,” which are clumps of articles in the same niche, each article covering a different aspect or topic within that niche. What makes HubPages unique is that you can monetize your articles with Amazon affiliate links, Google AdSense, and other strategies.
  2. Squidoo – Squidoo Lenses are highly focused single-page resources on a tightly-knit topic. Build links to your website by focusing your Lenses on narrow topics.
  3. Knol – Google Knol pages are usually longer and more technical, but you’re allowed to include photos and links from your knol pages to other pages on the Web – even your own website.
  4. Helium – A place for authors and writers to build a loyal following for their articles on any topic.
  5. Triond – Triond doesn’t just publish your articles on its own website. There is a network of niche websites where your articles can appear as well, allowing you to expand your audience.

Article marketing is alive and well. We’re just doing it a bit differently these days.

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