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Nick Stamoulis has a blog post at Search Marketing Standard (SMS) titled “3 Blogging Mistakes That Hurt Your Brand Image And Hinder Marketing Efforts.” It’s a short post and has some great insight, but it got me to pondering whether or not there are only 3 mistakes that might hurt your blogging. So I came up with 3 more.

To summarize the post at SMS, here are Nick’s 3 big blogging mistakes:

  1. Letting your blog sit idle – I agree. You don’t want your blog sitting there with no content. Post to it often and make your content shine.
  2. Posting low quality content – Again, this is true. Your content should be high quality in terms of grammar, spelling, and usefulness to your readers.
  3. Not thinking of SEO – Here’s another one I agree with. Your blog posts should be optimized for search engines, but don’t make the SEO your primary focus. Keep your focus on your reader, but do optimize your posts.

In addition to these three things, here are 3 other blogging mistakes to avoid. Otherwise, you could seriously damage your online reputation.

  • Don’t plagiarize – It’s OK to use other people’s ideas. Just be sure you give credit where credit it due. Don’t steal. People will find out and you’ll be in trouble.
  • Inadequate vetting of guest bloggers – You want high quality content on your blog, so you thought you’d take guest bloggers. Good idea. But don’t accept just anything that anyone sends to you. Vet your guest bloggers and only accept the best content provided to you. It’s better not to have guest bloggers at all than to have guest bloggers that send you bad or unworthy content.
  • Content isn’t sharedMake your content social. Share it on your social networks and encourage others to share it as well. Go social or go home!

Good blog content is no accident. Avoid these 6 mistakes or you could end up killing your online marketing.

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