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Online marketing is a multimedia enterprise. Some small businesses do it effectively while others struggle day to day. To truly be effective at marketing online, you’ll need to learn how to use images effectively. Here are 6 ways you can use images for better online marketing.

  1. Turn them into infographics – Infographics are popular right now, and they’re effective. Use eye-popping images with statistics and a powerful message to highlight key talking points and drive your target market to take action.
  2. Create shareable memes – On Facebook, Google+ and other social networks, memes get people talking. Your images with just a few choice words can give people something to talk about.
  3. “Look inside” photos – Show people on your social networks what goes on in your business “behind the scenes.” Take photos of your customers and employees interacting and doing their thing. Then post them on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.
  4. Make them Pintering – Take cool photos and share them on Pinterest. Watch them go viral.
  5. Add them to your blog posts – Your blog posts will become a hundred times more interesting with images that draw readers in. Pick the right images and you’ll get more readers, more traffic, and more interaction.
  6. Liven up your Timeline – Your Facebook Timeline is the place people go to see what you’re all about. Make it easy for them. Give them images to look at and they’ll stay longer and interact with you. With the proper Facebook engagement, you’ll be the life of the party.

You make your online marketing better with images in many formats. So why not take advantage of the opportunity?

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