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Ask anyone who has been around for 40 years or longer and you’ll find that the ways of marketing a business have changed. What worked in 1960 was different than what worked in 1980 and what worked in 1980 isn’t what worked in 2000. Even the marketing strategies used today aren’t the same as what worked in 2000.

Here are 7 online marketing strategies that work today and that will likely work ten years from now.

  1. Search engine optimization – Build a website and make sure each web page is optimized for search engine traffic.
  2. Pay per click marketing – Spend your money on clicks for a speedy response to your message and watch your income rise.
  3. Social media marketing – Use social bookmarking and social networking to connect off of your website, then drive that traffic to your web pages.
  4. Video marketing – Online video marketing has arrived in full force. Engage with your audience on YouTube and other video marketing websites.
  5. Start a blog – Write to your blog every day. The search engines love the fresh daily content.
  6. Article marketing – Write articles and distribute them online to websites within your niche. You’ll build your reputation and build links to your website.
  7. Claim your local business listing – Each major search engine has a local business listing associated with their Maps feature. Claim your listing if you are a local business.

There is no substitute for these 7 online marketing strategies. You can do more, but I wouldn’t dare do less.

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