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You’ve likely heard of blogs. There’s nothing really magical about them, but you can use a blog for your business to increase your market and talk to your customers. Here are 7 ways you can use a blog to boost your business and your brand online.

  1. Search engine optimization – Well optimized blog posts can increase your standing in the search engines.
  2. Social media optimization – Promote your blog through the popular social networks to increase your traffic and brand exposure.
  3. Field questions about your business – A blog allows your customers and potential customers to communicate with you. You can answer their questions and build your brand.
  4. Network with others in your industry – A blog is a conversation. Your market is a conversation. Why not join the two?
  5. Increased search engine rankings – Not only can each individual blog post be optimized, but the more blog posts you have the more chances you have of being ranked in the search engines.
  6. Close more sales – You can use your blog to close sales simply by putting links to your landing pages in high profile locations on the blog.
  7. Customer service – Handle customer service issues on your blog in less time and with fewer expenses.

You no longer have to sit on the sidelines and watch while your competitors steal the market. You can use a blog to drive more business to your website and increase your search engine and social media exposure.

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