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What’s it mean that Amazon has acquired the social networking site for readers, Goodreads?

One thing it could mean for authors, especially indie authors, is that more opportunities for marketing themselves to Kindle owners could arise. Cynthia Boris does a good job of pointing out that both the Amazon press release and the Goodreads press release mention the Kindle. That might mean a Goodreads Kindle app is on the way.

If that is the case, then that will make social networking via Goodreads more accessible to Kindle owners. It might also mean more Goodreads users overall.

The reason that is good news for Kindle owners and authors is because a lot of indie authors publish e-books as opposed to print books. It’s easy to do, costs much less, and the potential for return on investment is much greater. If Amazon can create a way to bring indie authors and readers closer together in their reading devices, that could mean more e-book sales.

Of course, there are other ways this could impact e-book sales. There could be ways for Amazon to influence the use of Goodreads from inside of the books on Kindle devices. That would certainly benefit authors and readers. Social networking while reading a book, being able to ask questions and have conversations about specific passages within a book, and interact with authors and other readers within the book where those comments can only be read by people who have purchased the book? Those would be really powerful benefits.

If you are an author, this might be good for you. Anything that leads to better social media marketing is a good thing.

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