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Seth Godin shares an anecdote about a real estate agent who lifts vague signage to advertise her business. It occurred to me that these types of vague claims could happen just as well – and often do – online.

Suppose the real estate agent put up a website and right at the top of the page when you landed on her site was the phrase “#1 in Westchester, Top 10 Nationwide.” Would you be tempted to do business or to leave the site? I think most of us would head off to play Yahoo! Games or something.

Now, I’m not denigrating this real estate broker, but what does it really mean to be No. 1 in your neighborhood and top 10 nationwide? Who’s counting? Does that mean you’ve sold a lot of houses?

I think Seth’s point, and now my point, is you’ve got to be specific with your message. Especially online. Because Internet marketing isn’t getting any easier and people don’t have a lot of time to sift through vague marketing message to try and find that one person who can help them get what they want. They want someone who communicates clearly and succinctly about what they have to offer. If you can do that on your website then you’ll reach the people you want to reach.

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