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If you write, promote, post, or market a blog or website content in any fashion, then I’d chance to say that you are a publisher. But what does that mean, exactly?

The definition of “publisher” has changed. In the old days, it meant you contracted with writers and agents to produce written manuscripts. You were often the risk taker in the business process of producing written works. You put up the money for the content being produced and saw the project through from beginning to end. You were seldom the creator of the content itself.

All of that has changed in the Internet age. Today you can be a publisher without as much risk. If you have a blog on your website, you’re a publisher. If you write and post articles online – even if those articles are not on your website – then you might be a publisher.

Why does that matter? It matters because if you are a publisher, then you should act like a publisher.

A publisher is concerned as much with the cost of producing content as much as he is with the actual process of producing the content. That means you must concern yourself with the cost of acquiring content if you don’t produce it yourself, the time cost of producing your own content, and the return on your investment in terms of the money your content makes. That’s what publishers do.

Content marketing is about producing quality content for your readers, but publishing content is about measuring the return on that content. If you want to run a business online, you have to think like a publisher.

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