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Big businesses have one distinct advantage over small businesses – they can afford to employ dedicated teams to run their online presences. For small businesses, it’s often a case of running a business, growing a business, and if there’s any time left over, drowning in all the online advice and new tools that flood our inboxes every day.  If that’s you, don’t stress, you’re not the only one. In fact, New York Times tech columnist David Pogue, in an interview with WebProNews claimed that, “In the last three or four years…it’s becoming overwhelming for me.

If the pros are becoming overwhelmed, what chance is there for the hard working business owners trying to survive in an online world? While we are being swamped with new technology and new approaches, there are a number of things that small business owners can do to help themselves. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit your intake of news to two or three reliable sources and subscribe to them only. Don’t allow yourself to become swamped with too much information.
  • Find a small set of tools that you are comfortable with and stick to them. Rather than investigating new tools all the time, learn to get the most out of the tools you are using.  Internet marketing tools are constantly being updated so there are very few ‘old’ tools around these days.
  • Concentrate on the areas that are producing results. If you have free time, then explore new areas, but only one at time.
  • Consult an Internet marketing expert.  You will either get a tick for doing the right things, or helpful advice that should increase your profitability.

For smaller online businesses, the real key is time management. Working on and in your business is important if you want to continue to grow. However, you also need to set aside dedicated time for working at the online component.  Whatever you do, don’t become overwhelmed by all the new information – if you are, you’re simply trying to absorb too much.

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