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There is one growth area that is hidden to most Internet users, and that is in the business-to-business (or B2B) world of trade. B2B online marketing is growing quickly, and with automated ordering and billing systems also becoming seamless and efficient, businesses are finding it easier and faster to do business over the Net.

The world has also become substantially smaller, with the result that businesses are now dealing with other businesses on the other side of the world. This is something many businesses would not even have considered 10 years ago. Online marketing for B2B trade is different to that involving business-to-consumer trade.  Social media marketing for B2B trade typically involves more niche-oriented sites such as LinkedIn.

Search engine optimization is also different. Rather than concentrating on terms that consumers use, B2B site owners should be concentrating on terms that their downlines are going to favor. Terminology that is more ‘in house’ is likely to be included in this list, terms that consumers are less likely to use. Normal keyword research won’t be of much use in this area –  you will need a set of tools that can dig much deeper.

One of the most valuable B2B marketing strategies is email marketing.  Care needs to be taken against spam since fellow business owners will not appreciate the waste of time involved. Email marketing that is judicious, and that contains information that will help your downline to success is always welcome. After all, they are in business to make a profit – the same as you. Business-to-business online marketing is a little different to many others forms of marketing.

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