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If you are trying to figure out whether you’ll get more mileage from a blog or a newsletter, then I congratulate you for thinking of it. You’re well ahead of most small businesses who are still trying to figure out how to get started with online marketing.

To be sure, there are advantages to both platforms.

A blog allows you to get feedback through comments. You can interact with your audience, which increases your engagement. You can also have a more robust social media experience when you promote your blog posts. And your blog has the added benefit of being searchable through the search engines.

An e-mail newsletter offers you the opportunity to develop a warm list. This is very important for direct sales.

Blogs are typically poor media for making direct sales pitches. They’re great for engagement and reach. You can, however, use your blog to increase your newsletter subscriber numbers. Then you can use your weekly or monthly newsletter to drive traffic to important landing pages and increase your online sales.

So it’s not a matter of which is better – your blog or your newsletter. It’s really a matter of how effectively you can use each tool.

For better marketing, engage with readers through your blog and invite them to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. Then close the sale there.

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