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We seem to be going through a period of rapid fire announcements from search and social media outlets. At times, there is a flurry of activity as website owners try to absorb changes all the while looking for holes they can use to gain an advantage over competitors. Sometimes, it’s worth stopping, taking a deep breath, and really analyzing what steps should be taken. Occasionally, doing nothing may be the best option.

AllFacebook recently reported that Facebook wall allowing brands to claim community pages that had been created using their brand name. They further claim that businesses could claim up to five community pages as their own, effectively wresting control from the creators and placing editorial control in the hands of the brand owners. For some brands, having community pages that reflect poorly on their business has been, at the very least, an irritation. However, there are many community pages that don’t reflect poorly so before jumping in and claiming them, you may want to consider a few points.

  • does the page hurt your business/brand?
  • is the page a good independent view of your business/brand?
  • will claiming this page alienate followers?

One area where I see businesses wanting to claim community pages is when they have a large group of followers. By claiming community pages, you are able to access that group and send them marketing material. This could become another privacy issue for Facebook since users had followed that community page, not the business. It will be interesting to see if privacy raises its head.

So why do I suggest doing nothing?  It makes sense to claim community pages if they are having a negative effect on your business. However, if there are ten community pages currently live, which five are you going to claim? And what happens next week or next month if one of the remaining five begins to publish harmful material? Community pages are generally created by those interested in your product. There are some that try to profit off your brand, and claiming them could be seen as worthwhile. For the others, they epitomize what social is all about and probably best left in peace. If they do cause problems in the future then you’ll be in a position to act. The next generation of online marketing may well be through third parties such as Facebook community pages, mom bloggers or Tweeters.

You should only act if the action itself helps to improve your standing in social communities and helps to build your business. Sometimes, acting can do more harm than good so don’t be rash in your decision making.

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