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It doesn’t matter what format your content takes. It can, and will, generate leads for your business.

If you write a lot of blog posts, then you engage in blog marketing. Your blog content will either generate more leads or repel leads away from your business. How you write your blog content is the determining factor. Are you making it personal? Are you relating to your reader – talking to her rather than talking at her?

E-mail content also generates leads. Is your content respectful? Does it draw your reader in? Is it published too often or not often enough?

Website content also generates leads. You might think your navigation layout isn’t important, but it is. Does it lead people seamlessly to the content that they are looking for? That matters because if people land on the wrong landing page, you could lose a customer before you get one.

Video content can also generate leads. In fact, if you put a video on your website that has been produced professionally and carries a strong message, then you could increase your business leads.

Never forget. Your content generates leads. But you have to write your content with an audience in mind,and respect your audience too.

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