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More and more, people are talking about content marketing. The discussion revolves around on-page content vs. link building, vs. social media engagement. What is the most important aspect of content marketing?

Everyone has an opinion, but first let’s talk about what that means in the broader scope.

Content marketing involves a push-pull mindset. It doesn’t involve content that exists solely on your website. It encompasses all content that you create. In order to get people to your website to buy something, you have push your content out and use it to pull your prospects in. This is the essence of content marketing.

Now that you know how it works, what is the most important part of content marketing? In my estimation, it’s that part of the process that drives the “pull” part of the process.

What do I mean by that? As a reminder, content marketing involves a push and a pull. Your “push” is getting your content out there in front of your prospect, wherever your prospect may be. Your “pull” is bringing that prospect back to your sales page to buy something. Without that pull, all you have is content. It isn’t effective content, but it’s content.

To be effective at content marketing, you have to elicit a response in your reader. Your content must spark an interest and spark an action. So when it comes to content marketing, put some extra thought into your calls to action. They drive your pull.

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