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Evergreen content is content that never goes out of date. In other words, the information remains the same over time. The information that is available on a particular topic will be the same information next year, five years from now, and thirty years from now.

It’s evergreen.

So what steps should you take to create content that will be useful to people no matter when they search for it?

For starters, start thinking about what type of information related to your business remains static. For instance, if you are in the car repair business, you’d say changing a car tire. No matter what kind of car it is, what model or make, or how old the car is, how someone would change a tire is pretty much the same. Some tires have four lug nuts and others have five, but the process doesn’t change. So you could add a page to your website about how to change a car tire and make that content evergreen.

After you’ve come up with a list of topics, order your topics by which ones you think would be most popular. Do some research if you have to. You can find out how many searches a particular keyword produces each month on Google by using their free keyword research tool.

By the way, while performing the above step, be sure to research which keywords are most searched for related to each of your topics.

After you’ve done your keyword research, write an article on the most popular keyword that people search for related to your business. Optimize it for web traffic, build some links to it, promote it through social media and watch the traffic flock to your page to learn from your evergreen content.

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