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When it comes to online marketing, small businesses tend to think they have a disadvantage. The truth is, they do have an advantage in a certain sense and a disadvantage in another. Since you serve a local clientele and your business is smaller, you can be much more nimble than a larger business or multi-national corporation. The downside is your budget is smaller.

But you don’t necessarily need a big budget to be effective online.

I don’t agree with everything Matthew Barby says in this post, but he’s got some good content ideas.

For instance, this QR code idea was pretty good:

I visited a coffee shop a few weeks back and some of the staff had aprons on with a big QR code on the front that said “zap me for a 10% discount.” When you scanned the QR code you had to like their Facebook page and the member of staff would give you a discount there and then… awesome!

Now, I’m not saying you should go splatter your QR code all over everything. I am saying you can afford to be creative with your content. Think of your entire business being a giant content pool – your employees, your marketing collateral, your brick and mortar.

If you think of your business as a content pool, you’ll see the opportunities that are right in your face every day.

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