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When it comes to marketing online, do you know how to find the right niche? Is it all about keywords? Should you take your most profitable keywords – the ones that Google says are most profitable – and turn those into your primary source of income?

No. I think you’d be surprised at how simple it is to discover the right niche.

If you want to own an online business that will earn you a steady income, start with your passions. What do you care about? What’s the most important thing to you? What do you think about more than anything else?

Write down five things that really float your boat. Prioritize them. Which is the most important, and which is least?

Now, conduct a preliminary keyword research for each item on the list. How many strong keywords do you see that you could target? Now go to Google and Bing and conduct a search for the top 5 keywords on each list. How much competition do you have for those keywords?

You want to try to quantify a value for the level of competition and the potential for search engine optimization. But don’t let that value determine your niche. Go back to your passions.

Is there anything about your research that would indicate one of your passions is too narrow or too broad? If so, put it aside. Focus on something that will allow you ample opportunities for income but not force you into an overly competitive environment.

When it comes to building an online niche, start with your passions. Let them rule the day.

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