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Internet marketing covers a wide range of activities, all designed to promote your business, your brand, your website and/or yourself. One area of Internet marketing that is often either overlooked, or misused, is that of blog commenting. In most cases, people are looking at blogs as possible link opportunities and while this should not be dismissed, blog comments can deliver much more than just a link.

The key to successful blog commenting is to find blogs that have a high profile in your niche. It doesn’t matter if the comments are ‘no follow’ or ‘do follow’ since links should not be your primary aim. Your primary aim is to determine what factors are affecting people in your niche, and to promote yourself as an authority in that niche.

You need to identify conversations early, and to participate in them using your knowledge and experience. Don’t even consider participating in conversations that don’t relate to your area of expertise. Instead, cultivate relationships with those that are regular participants themselves. You may find it useful to follow their links to their blogs where you can continue that relationship. Overtime, you will develop a reputation for being an expert in your niche.

Being recognized in┬áthis manner will naturally lead to traffic from those blogs, and over time, perhaps even links. Your reputation will also travel to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, furthering your circle of influence. The end result of this activity is a good reputation, traffic, and perhaps even a boost to search engine optimization outcomes. The hardest part is simply finding conversations early so you can make significant contributions rather than arriving late when the action’s all over.

Here’s a tip – find high profile blogs then subscribe to their feeds, that way you should get early notice when they publish new content.

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