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I guess that title may be a little misleading. SEO is an intrinsic component of Internet marketing. However, in today’s online world, none of the popular internet marketing channels hold up on their own any more. For many larger organizations, there is no such thing as Internet marketing, it is just one string in their overall marketing program.

While search continues to be a major supplier of traffic, it too is now using data from other channels, either directly in its algorithms or in its delivery of search results. User reviews and the effect they can have on placement in local search is one example. The inclusion of social media data such as ‘Likes’ is another.

Being active on social platforms may well deliver traffic to your site, but as other businesses enter the fray, this too will become extremely competitive. It may seem that I am placing a negative spin on SEO and social media marketing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, to be successful into the future will require efforts across a wide area of Internet marketing instead of through narrow channels.

For an online business to be successful, it needs multiple streams of traffic. The Internet is in a constant state of flux and while you may rank number one in search results today – tomorrow you could be on page two. Likewise, while you may have a strong social following today, one slight slip of the tongue and they could all desert tomorrow.

It makes good business sense to protect yourself against any sudden change in online conditions. The best way to achieve that is by marketing your business through as many channels as possible. Of course, don’t spread yourself so thin that you achieve none of them with any success.

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