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If you’re getting frustrated over Google Analytics or you’d like a free alternative, then there is one available. This is a bold announcement because there have been other analytics packages on the market for some time. But now there is a free open source alternative that could give Google a run for the money. It’s called Piwik.

Other online marketers have already abandoned Google Analytics. I think more will follow.

So what does Piwik have to offer that can compete with Google Analytics?

First, you own your own data. With Google Analytics, Google owns it. That’s a huge selling point because there are certain things you just can’t do with the data in Google Analytics unless you hack it. With Piwik, you can do what you want.

You can have scheduled e-mail reports in Piwik (in HTML or PDF format). You can also manage unlimited users and unlimited websites. You can have a custom login with Piwik. If you have old data you don’t use, you can delete it to make room for more data so that you don’t use up all of your storage space (you can’t do that in Google Analytics).

If you want to export your data, you have a myriad of format to choose from, including Json, PHP, Excel, XML, and more.

Piwik is also compatible with a huge selection of server types. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, IIS, Apache, and more.

So, if you are looking for a Google Analytics alternative, Piwik is out there. It’s open source and free.

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