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Guest blogging has been quite popular for a couple of years now, but it isn’t for everyone. Whether or not you should accept guest bloggers for your blog depends on a number of factors.

First, what are the benefits of having guest bloggers?

Well, one benefit is you get to take a break from blogging while still providing your readers with quality content. Another benefit is, if you get a good guest blogger, then you’ll attract that person’s audience to your blog, picking up traffic you might not otherwise gain access to. Those are pretty good benefits.

However, there are some drawbacks. You’ll have to sift through quite a bit of low quality content to get to the good stuff. You’ll have to deal with e-mail spam from people pitching a blog idea who have no idea what your blog is about and probably don’t even know your name. Don’t waste your time responding to those e-mails. Instead, should you decide to accept guest bloggers, create a set of guidelines for them to follow and enforce them religiously.

You may want to keep the content on your blog entirely your own. That’s OK. It’s your blog. You are perfectly within your rights to do that.

It’s a matter of choice. There are pros and cons to accepting guest bloggers. Do what’s right for your business.

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