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Google has a way of forcing webmasters to act a certain way or to move in a certain direction. If they don’t like a certain practice, they just tweak their famous algorithm to discourage the practice. It usually works.

The search engine has been really active in the last couple of years. There was Panda, then Penguin, and finally, Hummingbird.

What happened was webmasters figured out that the old link building practices were killing them. So they decided to try something different. Now, guest blogging is the link building practice of the day. There are some good reasons why guest blogging has caught on besides Google’s algorithms. One of those is because it just makes good business sense.

If you write a lot in a particular niche, why wouldn’t you go to a blog owner in the same niche and request to write a blog post for them? You’ll have direct access to their traffic, which you could then funnel to your own blog.

This is the real value of guest blogging – not the links. Inbound links are just pudding to top it off. Any time you do something for the link building value, you should ask yourself if there is another reason to do it. If not, then it’s probably a waste of time and money. Guest blogging has other reasons, which means it’s something you should be doing.

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