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Christmas season officially kicks off the day after Halloween. Whilst the biggest shopping day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving, most people start thinking about Christmas shopping directly after Halloween. Right now, their minds are on pumpkins and goblins, but you should be thinking about how you are going to start reaching them on November 1.

So what’s your plan, Stan?

If you think that holiday marketing should all be done off line, then it’s time to get with the times. No marketing should ignore the online opportunities you have every day of the year. So let’s start with your website.

You don’t have to make your holiday shopping pages live just yet, but you should be building them. In reality, planning for your holiday marketing web pages should have started a month ago. Now is when you should be building and testing your holiday web pages.

You should also be planning your off-site marketing initiatives right now. What kind of social media marketing will you do for your new holiday pages? How about pay per click campaigns? SEO campaigns? You should be lining those out right now.

The implementation for your online marketing campaigns should coincide with the roll out of your holiday shopping web pages. That doesn’t necessarily have to happen on November 1, but it should happen before Thanksgiving. Start dropping little gems of suggestion into your customers’ minds now, then by the time Thanksgiving gets here they’ll be ready to buy.

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