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According to the National Retail Foundation, 41.4% of Americans will start shopping for Christmas before Halloween. Many of them have already started shopping. And more than 50% will start shopping before Thanksgiving.

Another statistic worth noting is that 51.8% of those consumers will do their shopping online. That’s good news.

Well, it’s good news if you are an online retailer, maybe not such good news if you are a brick-and-mortar retailer. Hey, but things change. Maybe it’s a good time for you to build an online presence if you haven’t already.

Here’s the million dollar question: How are online consumers deciding where to shop for this Christmas? How will they know what to shop for?

Thirty-six percent (36.6%) said the most important factor in deciding where to shop are offers for sales and discounts, along with 16.1 percent who say the most important factor is selection of merchandise and 13.7 percent who say it’s quality of merchandise.

So there you have it: Discounts, merchandise selection, and merchandise quality.

If you want consumers to shop at your online store, then you are already behind in marketing if you haven’t started already. Before they make a purchase they have to find you. Now is the time to market your online retail store. Then what?

Make sure you have the highest quality merchandise on stock and offer a few sales and discounts. Online retail is becoming more competitive. You’ve got to give yourself an edge somehow.

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