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If you are trying to grow an e-mail opt-in list then you’ll want to take advantage of one strategy that many successful online marketers have used over and over again. It’s called a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a single web page that is written for one purpose and one purpose only – to solicit a visitor’s e-mail address to be used for marketing purposes. It is often a short, well-written page with a strong call to action. However, lately, many online marketers have been getting more creative with their squeeze pages, including videos, audio, multimedia presentations and even second and third pages.

Search engines have taken a hard stance on squeeze pages in the last couple of years and have considered them spam if not filled with the right amount of content. That’s why many marketers have started adding additional pages to their squeeze pages.

Squeeze pages are useful for building opt-in lists, but you have to have a successful and proven strategy. You can drive traffic to your squeeze pages through PPC, social media, organic search, directories and any other acceptable online marketing vehicle. Try using squeeze pages and see what kind of results you get.

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