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Yesterday, Cynthia Boris at Marketing Pilgrim wrote a post on Facebook’s new Embed Post feature. She says two things that I have to take issue with. The first is that the feature is open to everyone. If she means that all posts are embeddable, that’s not true because most of the ones I see aren’t. If she means that anyone can embed a post, then I’m not sure what the purpose of the beta was on the project.

That’s not as serious as the other allegation, however. She says the embed feature doesn’t work in WordPress. That’s what we’re using here at Reciprocal Consulting and, as you can see from the below embed, it works just fine.

It’s possible that Facebook fixed the problem since yesterday. Or it could be that Ms. Boris tried inputting her code in the Visual tab instead of the Text tab.

Nevertheless, the code works. Here’s how to embed a post on your own blog.

  1. Find a post you want to embed.
  2. Click the down arrow in the top right corner of that post on your wall.
  3. You should see “Notify me of updates” followed by a horizontal line. Below the line you’ll see “I don’t want to see this.” If you can embed the post, then you’ll see “Embed Post” below that.
  4. Click “Embed Post.”
  5. Copy the code inside the box above the preview.
  6. If you are using WordPress, make sure you are in the Text tab on the Write box and paste the embed code.
  7. Click Save Draft and preview.

It’s really simple. Anyone should be able to do it.

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