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Internet marketing has been around long enough now that just about everybody knows somebody who does it or has done it. It’s a bit of a misunderstood term, however. Internet marketing can refer to any type of marketing online and there seems to be a bit of a mystery around it. I’d like to dispel some of the mystery.

There are some common elements between Internet marketing and traditional off line marketing. The tools and techniques may be different, but the goals are the same. You’re building relationships.

So how do you go about building relationships online with people you may never actually meet in person?

That may be the mystery I was talking about earlier. It’s not really hard. First, you be yourself. Secondly, you show up at places where people you’d like to meet are hanging out.

If you are single and want to meet new people to date then you might go to a dance club on Friday night. Why? It’s crowded, people drink, single members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if you are into that) are there looking for the same thing.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to dance then you might go to a sci-fi convention or a business networking meeting. Maybe you’d prefer to roller skate on Friday night.

Whatever the case, you do things that you enjoy and meet people who enjoy the same things, right? Well, that’s largely how online relationship building is done. You go where the people are: Facebook, YouTube, Google … and you engage, get to know them, let them get to know you, one thing leads to another.

Is the mystery gone? If not, keep reading this blog for more great insights into Internet marketing tactics that shine.

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