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Professional affiliate marketers know all the best ways to find products that they love and are sellable, but what if your primary business is to provide your own products and services and you want to enhance what you have to offer your audience with complimentary affiliate products? Sugarrae has some good ideas on finding affiliate products at her blog.

I like her approach a lot. But I have to say that you want to be careful if marketing affiliate products is not your first line of business. You don’t want to market competing products.

For instance, let’s say you are in the gardening niche and you’ve developed a new gardening tool. If you want to sell more of that gardening tool, you probably don’t want to start selling a similar tool that does the same thing, especially if that competing tool is already a top performer in that niche.

It’s not that you don’t find value in the product. It’s a fine product and you’d use it yourself – if you hadn’t developed your own tool. The issue is, you want to sell more of your tool. You’ll do that if you don’t offer competing products.

What you want to do instead is find complementary products to sell that will enhance the use of your tool. If you’ve got a new spade design and it will go well with a certain hoe that is already on the market, then you can sell the hoe that complements your spade. Think “complementary” when it comes to affiliate products, not competing. Otherwise, you could sell yourself short.

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