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Let’s say you’ve decided that a huge website covering every aspect of peeling a banana needs to be published and that you are the right person for the job. You’ve done the research, you’ve picked your keywords, and you’ve put together an awesome plan for the website. How many pages per day should you publish?

I’m not talking about blog posts. I’m talking about web pages. Actual content pages of your website.

There are two types of mistakes new webmasters can make with the rate of publishing their web pages.

  • Too often
  • and not often enough

Both of these mistakes are easy to make.

Why You Shouldn’t Publish Web Pages Too Often

If you publish hundreds or thousands of web pages at a time you are likely to make some huge mistakes. First, you’ll have no way of knowing what you are doing that is working if you manage to get some of your pages to rank #1. What is your control group? It’s best to go slow so that you can measure each activity you perform as you perform them. Then, you have a much better chance of figuring out what is working and what isn’t.

Secondly, if you publish too many pages at once, you may very well get flagged by Google as a spammer and your web pages could end up at the bottom of the SERP heap. That would be disastrous.

Why You Should Publish Web Pages Every Day

A much lesser problem is not publishing often enough. You won’t be penalized for publishing one page a year, but you’ll spend a lifetime trying to figure out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. As often as search algorithms change, you’ll probably never figure it out.

The best content plan is to publish in moderation. You want to publish often enough that you can test new techniques and strategies without destroying the old ones you know are working. But you also don’t want to publish too much too fast. So my recommendation is to publish no more than 5-10 pages a day, at most. 10 pages a day might be too much to tackle if you are on your first website. At the least, you want to publish one new page per day, or one every other day.

Every time you update your website the search bots come and recrawl it. The search engines then index new pages and re-index any that might have changed since the last time you updated your website. By publishing often, you ensure that you have a steady content publishing stream that keeps your website in the search engines’ eyes. And if you are on the search radar, you are in front of visitors’ eyes too.

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