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It’s firmly established in the minds of most online marketers that analytics is a necessary component of their marketing program. You need analytics that tell you how many visitors and unique visitors you are getting, your bounce rate, keywords searchers are using to find your web site, social media analytics, and conversion rates too. But should you be tracking all of that in realtime?

Realtime analytics is important for a number of reasons.

First, if you start a new marketing campaign, then you can gauge its effectiveness right from the start. You can see if people are responding to your social media posts immediately. You can tell if your PPC campaign is getting the responses you’d hoped for right off the bat. That’s important actionable data that allows you to tweak your marketing initiatives if necessary.

Another reason realtime analytics is important is because you can see who is on your site right now. If you see people arriving at your site from Northern California, then you can rearrange the content on your home page to target that demographic. Right now!

Those are two very important reasons to track your website usage in realtime. You can probably think of other reasons on your own.

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